“A Cure or Something Better”

“A Cure or Something Better” is the provocative title of my upcoming eleventh book (overall) and my fourth inspiring volume of fiction, to date.  My friends and my fellow writers think that this is my most captivating and accomplished work yet.  My name is Rhiannon Tibbetts and I am a human rights activist, a transgender author, a member of a local Christian church and a community volunteer.  This current novel, mentioned above, is a part of a five book series of my ground-breaking fictional efforts. Continue reading “A Cure or Something Better”

Several Extraordinary ebooks Offered for Free

Over the next couple of weeks, five of my valuable books will be offered for free as ebooks on Amazon kindle. They will each be offered for a precious few days at a time, over that period of time. Look them up under my name, Rhiannon Tibbetts. The books include some volumes of captivating poetry as well as some exciting novellas. You really don’t want to miss this opportunity. Over the last few years, people have scooped up about three-thousand copies of my perceptive writing ventures. Continue reading Several Extraordinary ebooks Offered for Free

Mind, Heart and Body in Painful Disarray

I’m in pain. To most who know me, that comes as very little surprise. And to explain my general disintegration would take a volume of writing and few would feel motivated to read it. But that is part of my point, few would have the interest to delve into the unraveling of my life. And the crux of the matter is that folks who suffer from mental illness and/or are transgender and/or are financially destitute and/or are disabled, really don’t matter all that much. Continue reading Mind, Heart and Body in Painful Disarray

A Transwoman’s Appeal to Franklin Graham

I have long held that Jesus transcends and explodes any efforts to classify him into any present-day worldly group or classification. I mean, Jesus was the most salient example of a spiritual and political radical that this world has ever seen. He hung out with lepers, tax-collectors, Roman soldiers, prostitutes, thieves and common men and women and children. And he was so transgressive and revolutionary that he eventually died for what he stood for. Does that seem like a straight-laced, prudish, by-the-book kind of guy? He was all about a radical, new gift of salvation and divine mercy. Continue reading A Transwoman’s Appeal to Franklin Graham

I Will Not Hurt Myself, But….I Could Use Some Miracles

So, so far I have been able to resist some suicidal thinking, but it is a part of the landscape for many folks in my trans community. I wish that I could say that I look to the possibility of finding someone special in my life, but I have some major doubts there, too.

Well, it is the Christmas season, now, so I wish you all the peace, love and joy that are a part of this season. I still believe that God loves me. I am praying for some miracles.

Merry Christmas, Rhiannon Tibbetts Continue reading I Will Not Hurt Myself, But….I Could Use Some Miracles

A Transwoman’s Letter to Pope Francis

These days, the trans community is under attack more than ever. Many people feel threatened by us, misunderstand us, feel uncomfortable with us and find us to be a ready target for hate. I am really fearful for my future as well as for the well-being of many vulnerable people throughout the world. I hope that you will continue your strong work towards social justice and I beg that you include the transgender community within that circle of care. We have much potential value but we are quite susceptible to attack. Jesus never turned away anyone that sought to follow him. I am just such a person. Please continue to be a voice for faith, hope and love, as well as for peace and justice! Will you join in my urgent prayer for God’s mercy upon this World?

Merry Christmas!

Continue reading A Transwoman’s Letter to Pope Francis