A Transwoman’s Letter to Pope Francis

These days, the trans community is under attack more than ever. Many people feel threatened by us, misunderstand us, feel uncomfortable with us and find us to be a ready target for hate. I am really fearful for my future as well as for the well-being of many vulnerable people throughout the world. I hope that you will continue your strong work towards social justice and I beg that you include the transgender community within that circle of care. We have much potential value but we are quite susceptible to attack. Jesus never turned away anyone that sought to follow him. I am just such a person. Please continue to be a voice for faith, hope and love, as well as for peace and justice! Will you join in my urgent prayer for God’s mercy upon this World?

Merry Christmas!

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A Transwoman’s Letter to Pastor Rick Warren

Would you say that Jesus hung out with the social elites or even the religious authorities of his time? I would offer that Jesus’s ministry was revolutionary and anything but conventional. He hung out with tax collectors, Roman soldiers, the poor, prostitutes, lepers, women, children, the common man and even thieves. He didn’t turn away anyone that truly wanted to follow him. He said “take up your cross and follow me”. That is what I desire to do. Continue reading A Transwoman’s Letter to Pastor Rick Warren

Offering Some Free Holiday Cheer

I am offering six of my inspiring, engaging ebooks as a free promotion over the next two weeks. This is your opportunity to read and savor some worthwhile, fascinatingly unique books. Three of the books offered are novellas, one is an anthology of those three novellas and two of the books are poetry books. I write from the rare perspective of being transgender, Christian, poor and also as a person suffering from mental illness. Continue reading Offering Some Free Holiday Cheer

Two Free Christian/Transgender Books on Amazon

The latter is a fascinating novella that was derived from a waking dream that entailed dreamy images of heaven and of a post-apocalyptic earth. The novella has been called inspiring and thought-provoking. I am a Christian/transgender author and human rights activist. I have also struggled with mental illness and near poverty finances, so I have a uniquely compelling and insightful vantage point on life from which to speak. Continue reading Two Free Christian/Transgender Books on Amazon